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Welcome to Cruise Holidays 4U, your independent guide to worldwide cruises.

We have all the top worldwide cruises available for you to choose from. From cheap cruises to luxury round the world once in a lifetime cruises, all for you to pick the one that suits you best.

Most Popular Cruises...

Round the World Cruises - a once in a lifetime experience Take a Caribbean Cruise and experience all the Caribbean has to offer Western and Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

The exquisite Indian Ocean will truly take your breath away Visit the Norwegian Fjords and witness the breath taking beauty Transatlantic Cruises to New York, Canada and much more

Whether you wish to take a once in a lifetime luxury round the world cruise, or maybe you are looking for a shorter duration and have a specific destination for your luxury cruise or maybe you are looking for a cheaper cruise holiday. For all your choices we have plenty for you to choose from.

Extra Special...

If you are looking for that extra special world cruise holiday experience, why not choose the ultimate in luxury and style a "Round the World" cruise.

However, if you do not have the length of time available to take a round the world cruise in one go or maybe you would just like to experience one element of a round the world cruise then you can choose the destination which suits you best.


You can choose from exquisite Indian Ocean world cruises, relaxing Caribbean cruises to Australasia world cruises and many more outstanding experiences.

We have cruises to the islands of the Caribbean, breath-taking Australia, the stunning Indian Ocean, Transatlantic cruises to North America, take a Mediterranean cruise and visit Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy and many more besides or why not travel north and be spell-bound by the Norwegian Ffjords.

Why not sail from the country’s premier cruise port - Southampton...

With over 120 cruises departing the city each year bound for shores near and far, you’ll find that there are plenty of cruises to choose from.

Cruises from Southampton offer easy access and connections from right across the UK. You’ll avoid flight delays and baggage restrictions and can simply step on board your waiting ship. Cruises from Southampton couldn't be simpler!

Spoilt for choice...

There so many different cruise destinations to choose from, you can feel a little over-whelmed and spoilt for choice. So to help you with your choice we have put together a comprehensive guide of some of the delights on offer from some of the many destinations you can choose to visit on your next cruise holiday.

However with our website we hope we can help you to decide what type of cruise holiday is best for you and you prefer.

So whether you wish to escape the cold weather of winter and relax in the hot sun or you fancy a summer cruise around the mediterranean. On a cruise holiday your needs are all looked after, you get the best opportunity to meet new people and you certainly won't be bored by a lack of things to do on aboard and thing to see on shore.

If you are searching for a wonderful experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories, a cruise holiday may just be for you!

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